This program is designed for individuals who have weight problems and obesity issues. Maintaining a good and healthy weight is not an easy task as there are multiple factors at play that makes it easy to gain weight, difficult to lose and even harder to keep the weight off.
At Elements Medical Fitness we approach weight loss using several avenues which consist of medical, nutritional, diet and fitness evaluation together with blood investigations parameters to gauge what the underlying problems could be.
A personalized weight loss program is created and conducted with our team of doctors, nurses, nutritionist and personal trainers to make sure you are on tract and you are motivated throughout the program.
This is a TWELVE (12) Week Program which comes with a THREE (3) Month UNLIMITED facilities access.


Find Out the Medical Causes of Obesity First.
Make Your Weight Loss Journey Successful.

Full physical and bodily examination

  • Full Blood Test
  • Liver, Kidney, Lipid Profiles
  • Inflammation & Cardiovacular Markers
  • Thyroid & Hormonal Profiles
  • Metabolic Markers
  • Vitamin D Levels
  • Insulin Resistance Tests

Consultations with Functional Medicine Doctor covering all important aspects of Chronic Health.

Neuromuscular assessment.

Interventional nutritional assessment and advice.

Personal Training with Personal Trainer.


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