This program is designed for individuals who want to know more about the genes they have inherited & how it would impact their health.
This assessment of the functional & metabolic genetic markers helps one to appreciate the relevance of practising preventive approaches for optimising health, delaying onset or certain lifestyle related diseases & diminishing its severity.
To do DNA profiling is like getting familiar with the blueprint of your body, knowing where your weaknesses & strengths lie & how you can impact them in positive way by modifying the external environment.


Get To Know Your Genes and Understand.
Prevent Illnesses.

Full physical and bodily examination

  • Full Blood Test
  • Liver, Kidney, Lipid Profiles
  • Inflammation & Cardiovacular Markers
  • Thyroid & Hormonal Profiles
  • Coagulation & Metabolic Markers
  • Vitamin D Levels

Functional Gene Profiling Tests that Test for the 120 Metabolic & Physiological Functioning Genes of the Body like carbohydrate and fat metabolism, blood clotting tendencies, insulin resistance, inflammation and many more.

Consultations with Functional Medicine Doctor covering all important aspects of Chronic Health, Interpretation of Genetic Markers & Laboratory Reports


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