This program is designed for the tight muscled, stiff necked, head aching individuals who have disturbed sleep & are longing to meet their targets.
Stress is a good thing if it comes in small doses to push us forward but too much stress can overwhelm us to the point of illness, physically & mentally.
This is an EIGHT (8) Week Program which comes with a THREE (3) Month UNLIMITED facilities access.


Improve General Muscular Aches, Pain & Lethargy.
Reduce Fatigues & Mood Disorder with Anxiety Better Sleeping.
Improves Insomnia.

Full physical and bodily examination

  • Full Blood Test
  • Liver, Kidney, Lipid Profiles
  • Adrenal & Melatonin Stress Profiles
  • Vitamin D Levels

Consultations with Functional Medicine Doctor covering all important aspects of Chronic Health.

Neuromuscular assessment and Trigger Point Release with physiotherapist.

Interventional nutritional assessment and advice.

Mind Therapy with Mind Therapist.

Muse Mental Fitness-Brainwaves Therapy.


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