This program is designed to enable individuals to go into their golden years in a graceful & dignified manner.
Many of us do not see doctors regularly as we do not suffer from concerning diseases. Some of us do see doctors regularly but it is only for specific disease management.
Therefore we are not aware if our health is good enough to maintain a healthy & active lifestyle.
This is a TWELVE (12) Week Program which comes with a THREE (3) Month UNLIMITED facilities access.


Discover Yourself both Medically & Physically.
Better Health & Disease Management.

Full physical and bodily examination

  • Full Blood Test
  • Liver, Kidney, Lipid Profiles
  • Inflammation & Cardiovacular Markers
  • Thyroid & Hormonal Profiles
  • Coagulation & Metabolic Markers
  • Vitamin D Levels

Consultations with Functional Medicine Doctor covering all important aspects of Chronic Health.

Detailed physiotherapist assessment (posture allignment, gait & neuromuscular in-balancing).

Interventional nutritional assessment and advice.

Functional Movement Exercise Therapy with Physiotherapist or Personal Trainer (optional)


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